What to Expect

What is Therapy?

Psychotherapy or therapy is a type of treatment that can focus on helping individuals relieve emotional distress and symptoms related to their mental health. It is a shared and collaborative practice between a therapist and an individual. The objective is to meet an individual’s unique needs or goals by improving symptoms and daily functioning. 

During therapy, there may be a focus on learning new coping skills or strategies which can improve your symptoms or functioning. We may explore your past experiences, which allow us to establish goals and identify unhelpful coping patterns. There is also an emphasis on developing new insights and awareness about yourself that can lead to changes in your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. 

“We repeat what we don’t repair”

Christine Langley-Obaugh
Benefits of Therapy

There are many benefits of participating in therapy such as:

  • Learning new adaptive coping mechanism or skills (e.g. communication skills, boundaries, assertiveness)
  • Improving relationships with others
  • Feeling empowered to make better life choices
  • Minimizing mental health symptoms or emotional distress
  • Expanding self-awareness and reflection
  • Feeling validated, safe and welcomed

Leave your fears at the door

What to Expect

During our first few appointments, we discuss your goals and needs for therapy and the challenges you are currently experiencing. As we get to know one another, we develop a plan of how I may best support you in reaching your goals for therapy. 

I use a holistic approach to therapy which means that I utilize several different therapeutic techniques. Using a holistic approach ensures that I am meeting your needs and that you’re getting the most out of our time together.

Book a Consultation

This is a free 20 minute a consultation in which we discuss your goals for therapy, my approach and any logistical questions about my practice. If we are a good fit, we can determine next steps at this time.

Attend Therapy Sessions

Attending regular therapy sessions can ensure that you reach your goals and your needs are met. We can discuss the frequency of your appointments based on your needs and goals


Over time you may notice lasting changes within yourself and in your life. You may learn tools to better help you manage symptoms or improve functioning. You may also develop new insights and awareness about yourself and your life.