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Thriving Beyond Anxiety Group Program

I help high-achieving millennial women overcome high-functioning anxiety, overwhelm, and overthinking, break patterns of perfectionism and feel more calm and confident!
DBT Therapist for high-functioning anxiety!
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Are you exhausted from feeling constantly on edge? You're a high-achieving millennial, but anxiety is stealing your calm and confidence. It’s time for a new way to overcome symptoms of high-functioning anxiety.

The Thriving Beyond Anxiety is for high-achieving, millennial women who are ready for a more focused, and supportive approach to ignite growth and transformation. 
 Thriving Beyond Anxiety Group Program
Anxiety Group Program for Career-Driven Millennial Women Who are Ready to Overcome High-Functioning Anxiety.

Thriving Beyond Anxiety is a 12-week online program designed specifically for high-achieving millennial women like you.

In this program, you will learn how to stop the cycle of overwhelm, manage your symptoms, develop powerful coping mechanisms, and build lasting resilience. This program goes beyond just managing high-functioning anxiety, we help you uncover the root cause of your high-functioning anxiety. You will also learn how to live in alignment with your values, set healthy boundaries, and become a more effective communicator.

Imagine feeling calm, confident, and balanced in both your professional and personal life. Thriving Beyond Anxiety is your path to living the life you deserve.

Ready to ditch the anxiety and thrive?

Other Information

The Thriving Beyond Anxiety Group Program is a highly effective and comprehensive online program for residents of Ontario, that has been specifically designed to help individuals overcome high-functioning anxiety. The program includes access to 12 modules, weekly group sessions and three individual sessions with a qualified professional. Individuals have lifetime access to the program and will be notified of any upgrades or added content. This program is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a more focused, supportive and tailored approach to overcoming high-functioning anxiety.  

  • What Are The fees?
    Please contact for more information.
  • Does Insurance Cover This?
    It’s important to note that I do not provide direct billing to insurance companies. Depending on your insurance plan you may have coverage for group therapy as some insurance companies do provide coverage. It is your responsibility to confirm your coverage, to ask about reimbursement and what your insurance needs in order to process your claims.
  • Is this a Virtual or In-person Group Program?
    This service is only provided virtually at this time.
  • How Do I Get Started?
    If you are an Ontario resident and are interested in participating in this group we start with a free 15-min consultation call to discuss your current struggles and challenges and determine if this group is the right fit for you. If it’s determined that it’s a good fit, we will schedule your intake, add you to the client portal and add you to the group therapy sessions. I will send you the necessary assessment forms, and instructions for paying for the program prior to our first session. Ready to talk more about it? Schedule a free consultation with me.
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